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Does marketing overwhelm you?

It’s interesting that the common thread when I speak to new clients is that the reason they have put off marketing for so long is that marketing strategies can overwhelm them.

They know they need to do something, but not what it is they should do.

Often they have met me or had my services recommended to them months previously, however connecting me has been on their to-do list – and it just keeps getting pushed down the list!

Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve not had much to do with the activities of marketing before I can understand why it can all seem a bit too hard.

Like anything, the best way to tackle it is to break it down into bite-size chunks!

The first thing I recommend is to have a think about your perfect customer:

  • What are their attributes?
  • Where do you think you could find them?
  • What type of messages do you think would appeal to them?

The next thing I might suggest is to think about your product or service:

  • What solution are you providing?
  • What are the augmented benefits your product or service delivers?

Once you’ve considered those questions it’s time to start thinking about how, where, when and what your marketing will encompass.

So if you feel like the prospect of marketing your business is too overwhelming, take a breath, ask yourself the above questions and realise that your strength is your knowledge of your business.

You can then get down to the nitty-gritty of a marketing plan, either by undertaking it yourself or outsourcing it.

To help get you started I have created a marketing plan template, which you can download by filling in the below details.

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But my biggest recommendation is to stop putting off marketing because it feels overwhelming, just start slowly and it will surprise you how quickly things can fall into place.

My 6-week online marketing workshops have been designed to help people take control of their marketing.

If you feel like you need a little bit of a push in the right direction, sign up to my Marketing Kickstarter workshop now!


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