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What’s all this talk about blogs?

You may have noticed the word ‘blog’ gets bandied about a fair bit, but it’s come a long way since the concept was first introduced. When it initially hit the online space a blog was often just an online diary of sorts, or a place for someone to promote their opinion.  A blog is now a great way for you to –

  • demonstrate your expertise
  • keep content on your website fresh and drive people to your site
  • create posts for your social media channels
  • get some positive PR coverage

Demonstrate your expertise

What keeps most organisations in business? Customers! And what drives customers to buy from you instead of a competitor? Often it is the belief that they are getting the best product for their money.

If your product is a service, demonstrating your expertise can be a fantastic selling tool – which is not a hard sell! You get the chance to talk about your passion, give examples, provide advice and, most importantly, show you know what you’re talking about.

Keep content on your website fresh and drive people to your site

Websites can no longer be a ‘brochure site’ – for two reasons. The most important reason is that the more relevant content you add to your website the more often Google will ‘visit’ your site and index it, pushing you higher on the search listings (a simplified version of a very complex process!). When someone has a need for your service or product and types it into Google you want to be a close to the top of the results list as possible. Your blog posts will help achieve that.

The second reason is that for new customers, dated and recent blog posts will show that you’re an active business, and for returning customers it will provide them with new content to view.

Create posts for your social media channels

If your business has social media channels (which I highly advise you should be using the most relevant social media for your business or industry) finding fresh, interesting, appealing and ‘clickable’ content is an ongoing battle.

Blog posts are a great way to have relevant content for your social media that encourages visitors to visit your website.

Get some positive PR coverage

Following on from the above, most businesses are on the search for interesting content for their social media posts. If you create something that is interesting and relevant to their audience they will post a link.

In addition, if media are on the search for spokespeople or expert authors your blog posts could provide them with the incentive to contact you – a great position to be in!


Hopefully you’re now convinced as to the benefits of a blog for your business, so get cracking!

Your blogs don’t have to be long and in fact if it’s too long it can deter people from reading. So brainstorm a few topics and just get typing. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the words will accumulate.

As an aside, always have an image with your blogs, as it’s something that will catch the eye of someone browsing.

And if you’re still finding it all a bit overwhelming you can always outsource  . . .

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